Welcome Home...

To a place where you can feed your spirit and nurture your soul.




But you can find the right support and clarity to move forward

and save yourself time, effort, and frustration along the way. 


You may have tried all of the trendy techniques to "find yourself" and stay centered,

but what if they didn't work?


What if there are better ways?


Ways that are created on the wings of our ancient ancestral knowledge,

that suit our specific needs to cater to our unique differences.


There is no ONE WAY to heal. 


And there is NO point in doing the work if it doesn't last.


source sanctuary is all about creating affordable access to a

safe space to create lasting change with hypnotherapy MP3 sessions, 

Meditation techniques and sacred community to help create this change.



This subscription based site includes:


  • Fresh new content every month

  • Access to the growing Library of MP3's

  • Private Facebook Group for community support

  • Exclusive Group offerings for additional intuitive support/mentoring



Mp3's include help in the following areas:

Spiritual support, energetic protection, clearing spaces, presence, {tendencies towards addiction, anxiety, depression}, Body image, self confidence, money issues, physical illness, fears, relationship issues, codependency, manifestation, and more.

ALL FOR $33/mo.

Take advantage of our pre-sale offer for over 75% off a year subscription