Mystery School Information Guide

The Mystery School is the foundation of all of the esoteric teachings within the Source Lounge. The Mystery School recognizes the need for clear and concise information in order to propel the education and perpetuation of ancient truth within modern context. Every active member of the Source Lounge will receive significant discounts and offers inside the Mystery School.



Gathering to learn and heal together is one of the most potent aspects of the Mystery School.  A lot of online Coaching programs are typically expensive, time consuming, and often lacking in their delivery.  Inspired by this gap in the industry, these workshops build upon each other without the anxiety and pressure of making a HUGE purchase or taking too much time out of your busy schedule.  Sign up for Workshops like Astral Travel, Spiritual Business, and more!  Every active Source Lounge member will have discounted access to every workshop offered in the Mystery School.



For those who LOVE to learn from listening or watching videos, this library is for you!  Learn the difference between Intuitive and Psychic, cultural appropriation and appreciation, and so much more in this extensive Video Course Library, available at a discount for all active Source Lounge members.  With Allison's film background and attention to detail, her video courses are sure to fill your cup with the confidence you need to move forward with educated decisions in this New Age Spiritual world.  



Some of us know how necessary it is to have a close relationship to a true mentor or healer in our modern and busy lives.  When you need a hand and want to contact Allison for Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Guidance, active Source Lounge members will have exclusive access to booking discounted 1:1 sessions with Allison.  Need a break from your environment to go deeper in your healing business and/or your own personal healing journey?  Schedule an in person intensive or sign up for a magical retreat with Allison in Hawai'i.  Enjoy the exclusive in person and virtual 1:1 availability and discounted offerings for Source Lounge members only!


for MP3 Library Access, Healer's Toolbox, Intuitive Session Discounts, + Private Group


Source Sanctuary Access plus Video Library Access, Healer's Bootcamps, + 1 Personalized Group Mentoring Session per Month