Healer's Hub Information Guide

The Healer's Hub is all about you. It's the big warm hug of the Source Lounge. The Healer's Hub recognizes the need for healers to heal themselves in order to give out their best energy possible. Once inside as an active member, you'll receive access to the Healer's Hub of hypnotherapy MP3s, video library, and our popular Healer's Bootcamps.



You will receive total access to our library of healing MP3s including those featured in the Boutique.  You never have to pay for them as a member, and they never expire, so you can listen to them over and over again, or when you feel you need them most. The best part? The MP3 library is always growing, offering more items for your tool box.  Find relief and rejuvenation with these simple yet powerful MP3s!  



Check out Allison's absolute favorite tools for self-care, self-healing, and self-exploration.  A lifetime of curating alternative products and services, Allison delivers some of the best cutting edge options for creating your healer's toolbox.  You can also access the member's only 1:1 Video Sessions to ask questions directly relating to your current needs.  You will receive a 10-15 minute video with intuitive guidance.  Feel the direct support of an experienced guide without spending thousands of dollars looking for high end intuitive support.



The Healer's Bootcamps offers call-to-action exercises that keep you accountable on your Spiritual journey. It's easy to fall victim to constantly helping others, but our bootcamp teaches you the art of developing personal rituals that stick, and that help you continue traveling deeper and deeper throughout your spiritual quest. In the HH you receive free access to the Healer's Bootcamps, and all the additional bootcamps that are born. 


for MP3 Library Access, Healer's Toolbox, Intuitive Session Discounts, + Private Group


Source Sanctuary Access plus Video Library Access, Healer's Bootcamps, + 1 Personalized Group Mentoring Session per Month