Are you pressured to create?

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I'm no expert in anything really, but I sure have a lot of insights from my own personal experiences with being an entrepreneur in the last few years. 

Whether it's online, or offline, or both, owning a business today is SO rewarding and such a privilege.  It's also a HUGE trend that seems to be (OK, no it IS) filled with lot's of fake "experts" and "gurus" who seem to know EVERYYYYTHING (please just click away or get up and POWER WALK away when you see someone gloating they are "Know it alls", as its oh too common and a BIG redflag!).

I've had to go through my own turmoil with purchasing a VERY expensive learning program a couple years ago, where I THOUGHT I was going to be mastering the art of running and coordinating events and traveling around where I can teach and speak and hold space. I was so wrong.

It was actually this extreme pressure to SELL SELL SELL at every one of your events, and I was sucked in and drinking the purple kool-aid before I knew it.

This story can be a whole book, but the point right now is that there is a couple things I see going on... Linking back to the Self Help industry often being selfish, its about the pressure to create something that will bring in profits, in order for that business owner to gain enough "abundance" in order to feel like enough, or fit into a certain level of society, etc.

And even for all of the non-business owners, there are ads and promotions EVERYWHERE trying to convince anyone and everyone that "they NEED to share their gifts with the world".  I swear I gag every time I see some post spreading rhetoric like "the world NEEDS you and your gifts right now", while I don't fully disagree, I don't see any real benefit to this kind of pressure other than the phony business coaches who were trained to act like business experts who can turn anyone into a successful entrepreneur or creator ("for ONLY $9999999!!" Ugh.).

Fuck.  That.

The results of this kind of pressure has come in many forms within my own and other's world:
- Hysterical crying fits about begging the Universe to reveal why they aren't getting the same results as the famous coaches (MAJOR comparisonitis)
- Loss of friendships due to trying to pressure them to start a business because "THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!" (and you need a paycheck... smh)
- Major DEBT.  Major.  Major.  Major Debt.
- Loss of creative purpose due to following other people's pressure filled strategies (this one is so me right here, and it has taken a LONG ASS time to come out of the cult recovery funk.)
- Loss of faith in a Spiritual supportive sense of self and a bigger picture because so many people use this sense of Spirituality in order to hook people into feeling more pressure

The list could honestly go on, but I don't need to wallow in the layers of crap that come from so much lack of integrity in the business world ESPECIALLY online (who actually feels accountable with a name on a screen... even for me it can be super weird to comprehend at times).

I wanted to write this piece in hopes that you can listen to that strange twinge in your gut the last time you had your business coaching call, or the strange regret that popped up 2 months into an expensive business program, or even seeing those "THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!" posts.

The truth is: YOU need YOU, and as most of us Empathic Entrepreneurs are more prone to the codependent side of the spectrum, we absolutely need to recognize when we teeter into feeling PRESSURE instead of ACCOUNTABILITY.

It's another FINE LINE, and I hope you find the balance even when it's feeling like a mighty pendulum swing, you will always be able to observe from that centered space.  It does take practice, and often a whole lot of doing what we thought we should do, in order to realize its our own way we need to follow. 

Guidance and support and accountability are the wonderful tools I have needed from a business mentor, and it is as simple as that.  You have access to this for so much less than what the trickster cult like coaches offer, so you don't have to make that huge ass EXPENSIVE mistake that I have.

I know a lot of you may have been through something similar... please comment and share your story in the Empathic Entrepreneurs Group to help inspire others to see how challenging this pressure can be, and how our awareness can empower better choices from our truth, and our core.

Thanks for being you... because thats EXACTLY what the world needs... authentic, unapologetic, YOU minus any silly pressure to be anything but YOU.  No pressure :)

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