Here at Source + Sea we are committed to the authentic power of each individual, intending to offer guidance and support from near and far while finding our own innate wisdom.  Nature is at the forefront of everything here at Source + Sea, from the Intuitive Guidance Cards to Courses on Intuition, Authentic Manifestation, and Energy Healing, the COSMOS is what makes up the foundation of our teachings and experiential education both online and in-person.

The Intuitive G.P.S. M.A.P.'s have been developed to help offer a visual and mental understanding of how we can all live from a more centered and aligned place, even when life gets rough.  These tools are a solution to what seems to be a growing problem amongst the self-help industries: BLANKET STATEMENT SOLUTIONS.  The G.P.S. M.A.P.'s do not teach one way, but instead offers empowerment tools for each person to KNOW and believe in their own way, releasing the need for MORE programs, MORE readings, MORE insight because they have a need for approval or to be doing what others might be doing.  

The more we utilize the M.A.P.s to align with our authentic purpose, we create the healthy boundaries needed to create a healthy community and lifestyle that strengthens us for when life happens.  


Allison is a healer, empathic entrepreneur, and founder of Source + Sea. She has seen and done it all throughout her 15+ years on the spiritual healing path.  After going through her own dark times with a manipulative spiritual teacher and seeing a huge gap in the kind of support that is available for the highly sensitive and spiritually gifted, Allison decided to take it upon herself to ensure an authentic and sustainable support system for those of us who are truly awakening to our highest potential as healers and spiritual warriors.  

Allison has had the honor of living on the mystical Hawaiian islands for the last 14 years and has been working with hands on healing, energetic/astral journey work, and intuitive readings for over 10 years.  She loves to sing, dance, laugh, and has graduated from film school with a passion for bridging the esoteric with the modern.  She loves to hang with her favorite teachers:  Nature and animals, and has a unique connection with healing within the Wild.  She spent months on end camping in the jungles and on the beaches of Kaua'i learning to open her voice to the heavens around the campfire.  

It is now her passion to offer this sacred space of natural healing and intuitive guidance for clients and students from around the world.